Mobile packing machine for large-volume bags (big bags)

Mobile packing machine for large-volume bags (big bags)

Mobile packing machine for large-volume bags (big bags)

This technology is a mobile version of Packing machine for large-volume bags (big bags), designed to be placed on any paved place and provides packing of granular mineral fertilizers in soft containers - big bags. Consists of two containers in which there is a complete technology, including a inlet hopper and a discharge conveyor of ready-made flexible containers.

Capacity of loading into flexible containers is 60-70 pieces of flexible containers of 800 kg load per hour.

In transport mode, these are two 20-foot containers. When assembling, Container 1 is placed on top of Container 2 on any flat concrete surface and the discharge conveyor is moved from Container 1 (transport mode) and attached to the filling equipment in Container 2 with an outlet to the street. Containers can be locked in transport and working mode. The advantage of the technology is very simple and fast assembly and disassembly (conversion between transport and working mode). The containers can be manufatctured in standard ISO sizes (20-foot high cube) or adapted for transport by tent semi-trailer.

Technical data

Basic technical data

Batching performance60 – 70 pieces
Weighted batch100 – 1,100 kg
Batching accuracy± 0.5 %
Working temperature-10 - +40 Cº

Weighing conveyor:
Strain gauges4 х 1,000 kg
Length1 000 mm
Belt width
1,200 mm
Conveyor speedcontrolled by frequency modulator

Displacement conveyor:
Length4,500 mm
Belt width
1,200 mm
Conveyor movement speedcontrolled by frequency modulator
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