Palletizing, or placing bags on pallets, can be semi-automatic, fully automatic or robotic.

Semi-automatic palletizer PPThe semi-automatic palletizer consists of a hydraulic lifting platform, empty pallet magazine, roller conveyor, service platform and switchboard box. During operation, the operator stands on the operating platform and places the bags, which are fed to him by the conveyor, manually on the pallet provided by the palletizer. The stacking is done in layers and the pallet, placed on the roller conveyor, is lowered down gradually during the stacking process.

Automatic palletizer PA
A palletizer is a device that aligns packed goods into layers and moves the layers onto a pallet. After straightening the layers, the straightened pallet leaves for wrapping. The palletizer aligns each layer by side guides to maintain the outer dimensions of the pallet. The palletizer is equipped with an automatic pallet magazine that ensures the empty pallet is provided after each palletizing operation. Depending on performance, palletizers are designed in bottom or top versions. The bottom palletizer flattens the layer, which is then transferred to the already flattened pallet. The top palletizer flattens the layer on top and the flattened pallet slides down - this allows the palletizer to perform at a higher output.

AGRO CS does not manufacture automatic palletizers, but incorporates imported machines into its lines. These are automatic palletizing ascending or descending devices, which have proven very successful in the long term.

After the last layer has been straightened, the pallet automatically leaves for the wrapping machine.

Robotic workstation RP
The robotic workstation uses a robotic arm (or arms) with programs for individual straightening pattern to align the goods on the pallet. The robot picks a bag with goods from the picking point, in front of which buffer points are designed according to performance, and places them on the straightening point. Before the first bag is placed, an empty pallet is automatically placed on the straightening station. After the straightening process, the straightened pallet leaves for fixing by wrapping with foil (wrapper or stretch hood). Depending on the performance of the robotic workplace, we design the entire system, the number of robots and the control of the entire palletizing process, including remote management of the quantity and type of palletized goods. We use FANUC robotic arms in our technology.

Technical data

Basic technical data
Performanceup to 5 bags per minute
Power inputup to 5 kW
Basic technical data
Performanceup to 22 bags per minute
Power inputup to 30 kW
Basic technical data
Performanceup to 10 bags per minute
Power inputup to 20 kW
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