Hoppers are used, for example, to feed materials onto a conveyor belt, ensuring controlled and even supply of material to the next step in the production or processing process.

Advantages of Hoppers

  1. Handling efficiency: Hoppers allow easy and fast filling of conveyor belts and other equipment, simplifying and speeding up the handling processes of fertilizers and peat.
  2. Precise dosing: With controlled dosing capabilities, it is possible to ensure even distribution of material, which is crucial for effective fertilization and soil improvement.
  3. Storage and material protection: Hoppers also serve as storage devices, protecting fertilizers and peat from moisture, contamination, and other external factors, ensuring their quality and long lifespan.
  4. Automation and integration into production lines: Hoppers can be easily integrated into automated systems, allowing continuous operation and reducing the need for manual labor.


  • Stainless steel
  • Steel grade 11

These materials ensure the reliability and long lifespan of hoppers under various working conditions.

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