Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator

Belted bucket elevator for vertical transport of bulk materials.

The tube of the elevator consists of individual rectangular modules. Construction material is either coated or galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel. Besides the tube, which is common for both arms, the elevator ends with a head on the top end and foot on the bottom end to which the material is fed. All the screw fittings are stainless steel.

The head contains a drive drum with an electrical drive; tail pulley with screw tensioning of the elevator belt is installed in the foot. The head, the foot and the tube are fitted with covered inspection holes for cleaning and maintenance.

The belts are made of rubber or PVC; the buckets are plastic or metal, made of carbon or stainless steel.

Technical data

Basic technical data

Performanceto 140 tons per hour
Heightto 36 m
Powerto 25 kW
Bucket width280 mm
Basic technical data

Performance10 - 60 tons per hour
Height3 – 20 m
Power3 – 15 kWh
Bucket width180 mm
Type Šířka korečku
EL 18 180 3 - 15 10 - 60 3 - 20
Basic technical data

Performance30 – 140 tons per hour
Height3 – 36 m
Power3 – 25 kWh
Bucket width280 mm
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