Who we are

Who we are

AGRO CS is a Czech company founded in 1992. At that time it continued the work of Agropodnik Česká Skalice, which had served farmers in the areas of consulting and fertilizer storage and application. For its development in the following years, AGRO CS used its expert experience and knowledge and in 1994 it added the production of gardening composts and consumer packaged fertilizers to its activities. It went on to extend these activities systematically and nowadays it is one of the leading producers of substrates, fertilizers and grass seeds in Central and Eastern Europe.

The company’s mechanical engineering division, its management and technologies are well known in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine). The division has many years’ tradition and experience in the development, production and delivery of machinery, devices and complete technologies for manipulation of bulk materials. Especially for stocking up, transport, blending, sorting, dosing, weighing, filling and packaging, palletization, robotic automation and wrapping of pallets (e.g. pallets of solid industrial fertilizers, substrates, grains, sands, gravels, soils, waste, etc.).

The mechanical engineering division manufactures and supplies technology for:

  • stocking up: hoppers, silos
  • material handling: belt, screw, vibrating, spiral, and pneumatic conveyors, bucket elevators, flap diverter valves
  • blending: continuous, discontinuous (by batches), mobile blenders
  • sorting: rotating drum screens, vibrating screens, sizing screens, star screens, mobile screening devices
  • dosing: components and micro components, dosing hoppers
  • weighing out of hoppers, silos, tanks
  • weighing of load, weighbridges
  • filling of open and valve bags, big bags
  • palletization: rollways, palletizers, robots, pallet wrapping

The mechanical engineering division carries out the following:

  • preparing offers based on customers’ demands
  • in-house project and design activities, engineering
  • manufacturing of machinery and devices, including subcontracts
  • delivery of required technology, including assembly
  • on-site assembly and commissioning of supplied machinery, operators’ and maintenance crew training
  • warranty and post-warranty service
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