Dosing hopper

Dosing hopper

Dosing hopper

Dosing hoppers are made in several different volume sizes: 5, 8, 10, and 12 m3. The dispenser stores the material and dispenses it onto transport routes for further processing. The dispenser consists of a hopper with movable bottom, agitator (fluffer) and gate, all placed on a support frame, made from carbon steel with protective paint coating. The hopper has the shape of an inverted truncated pyramid.

 Dosing hopper ND-NPP 10

The hopper is used in the line processing the extracted peat, and also in the peat blending line. The upper entry part of the hopper is open for feeding materials, usually by a front wheel loader or a conveyor belt, and can be equipped with a screen that catches roots and other undesired objects. The moving bed moves the material to the agitator and regulated gate; it then falls out, in a controlled manner, onto the collecting belt conveyor placed below the hopper. The hoppers are lined up and lay, in a sandwich manner, the material down onto the collecting conveyor. The materials in the hoppers are peats, soils, composts, and sands. 

Dosing hopper of the packaging line ND-NPP 25

The hopper stacks raw material for the packing machine. It has a moving front side. The material enters the dispenser either by means of a loading belt conveyor and a dump gate or using a wheel front loader. The hoppers come in different volumes, depending on their length and method of feeding.

Technical data

Basic technical data
Performance120 m3/hod
Hopper volume12–35 m3
Power input3 kW a 4 kW
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