Billing electricity meters disposal line

Case studies

Billing electricity meters disposal line

A customer needed to reliably dispose of disused electricity meters, which had been used for measuring electricity consumption; the measured figures were used for invoicing. The customer required a specialised autonomous machine capable of disposing of 500 electric meter units per hour. The units had to be destroyed so that they could no longer be used, but fragments were to be sorted for recycled use or eco-friendly disposal.

During the project, the customer supplemented the required specification and ordered an additional device that could reliably destroy the dial of the meter by piercing it. We designed and manufactured complex line that could destroy electricity meters, adjustable to various types and sizes of disposed devices. At present, the capacity of the line is 3 000 units per hour.

Waste shredding in an incineration plant

A customer needed to shred seized counterfeited shoes, clothes, plastic toys, cartons of cigarettes, as well as documents, etc. The input waste had different sizes of boxes ranging from 200x400x200mm to 600x800x600mm. The required size of the crushed output material was 80x200mm and the quantity was about 3-5 t/h.

Based on the requirements, we designed and manufactured the SDT 1650 - shredder with pressing device for oversize boxes and waste. The machine is very robust and fully satisfies the customer’s needs.

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