Pallet wrapping

Pallet wrapping

Pallet wrapping

Comprehensive engineering services of AGRO CS provide customers with consulting and assistance with selection of a suitable machine and incorporating it into new or existing technology. We base our service on our extensive experience with projects delivered in the past. The selection of wrapping or stretch hood depends on the customer’s requirements and the length of the warehousing period.

Wrapping machine

A wrapping machine wraps the goods on a pallet with a stretch film from the sides so that the packages are fixed. A potential hermetic enclosure of the pallet from the top is done by additional film cover from a roll, either manually or automatically.

The wrapping machine can be designed with a various level of automation depending on the required performance - from semi-automatic machines to fully automatic ones with a covered top of the pallet. In semi-automatic machines the initial lead of the film can be done either by an operator or machine. The end of the wrapping is performed in the same way. If top wrapping is required, the operator inserts the film manually after the wrapping of the pallet onto the top just before the wrapping process is over. Depending on the operator’s skill, the performance of the semi-automatic machines ranges between 5 and 25 pallets per hour.

Fully automatic wrapping machines work in an automatic mode without operator’s intervention when the film runs around the pallet and tightens the goods on the pallet by the pre-set programmes. The wrapping machine can be equipped also by the top automatic cover, so that the goods are protected from rain, snow, and dust.

The performance of the fully automatic wrapping machines ranges between 10 and 80 pallets per hour.

Stretch hood

Stretch hood fixes the palletized goods in terms of stability during transport and handling of the pallet and protects the contents from weather. The machine is fully automatic. First it measures the height of the pallet and then it prepares a cover. The cover, which is a strong cold-shrink film with a pre-welded top, is slipped over the goods on the pallet. This machine is incorporated into the full packaging and palletization system in terms of software and hardware.

The performance of the machine ranges between 10 and 100 pallets per hour.

The configuratoin of the machine is proposed upon the customer’s requirements.

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